In addition to my academic compositions, I also write, record, and perform music under they pseudonym Birdo. These songs are mostly of the pop-rock variety, although I am also heavily influenced by hip-hop and electronica. 

​Robert Colcord

Academic Compositions

​I have written a number of computer music compositions as part of my eduction at CCRMA. 

Adventure Terror

Adventure Terror is a composition I created in Music 220B: Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics, and Spatial Processing. It is a study in granular synthesis created in the ChucK programming language, and uses sound clips taken from the children's cartoon Adventure Time. For more information and source code for the composition, click here.

Waking Up

Waking Up is another piece I made as an assignment in Music 220B, again using ChucK. The assignment was to compose with filtered everyday sounds, much in the vein of Paul Lansky's Homebrew. I used sounds recorded from out my bedroom window, and it was composed to capture the essence of my waking process. For more information, see my webpage for the piece.