Hi! I'm Robert Colcord, and this is my website! In it, you will find information about my life, my interests, and my work. 

About Me

I live in San Francisco, and I am a recent graduate of the Music, Science, and Technology Master of Arts program at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University. Prior to my time at Stanford, I studied at Purdue University, where I received my BS in Multidisciplinary Engineering. 

I have been a musician for over a decade. I began playing trumpet at age 12 and participated in my school's band program all the way through high school. I began playing my main instrument, the guitar, at 14. At around age 18, I became interested in writing and recording my own songs, and so began teaching myself using Garageband.

In college, I spent my first two years studying Biomedical Engineering. Eventually, I realized that this was not where my passion lay, so I changed majors to Multidisciplinary Engineering to allow myself to explore other subjects. While finishing my engineering degree, I minored in Management and Music Theory & History. 

It was during this time that I began to reconsider music as a career, something I had given up on after high school. I began looking for ways to merge my love for music with my engineering education, and this is how I discovered the Master's program at CCRMA. 

I live in the intersection of music, engineering, and business. My passion is musical experiences, in whatever form they may take. My goal is to be an enabler for these experiences; to enable musicians and engineers to create, and fans and music-lovers to share in these experiences.


​Robert Colcord